Using Voxmail

Here’s an example of how you might use Voxmail when talking with Siri (assuming you are using the default phrases Voxmail suggests in the step above):

Hey, Siri. Check my email.

And Siri will check your email and give you a summary of your inboxes.

You can also ask specifically for unread email:

Hey, Siri. Check my unread email.

From that point forward, you can use Voxmail to read your emails to you and triage them, one after another, much like voicemail from the early 2000s.

What I mean is, Voxmail keeps track of your "current" email - the one you're reading or doing something with. You can say:

Hey, Siri. Read that email.

and Voxmail will read it to you. You could then follow it up with?

Hey, Siri. Flag that email.


Hey, Siri. Archive that email.

or even

Hey, Siri. Mark that email as spam.

and Voxmail will do the right thing and then move to your next email.

If you want to skip an email and save it for later, just say

Hey, Siri. Next email.

and Voxmail will move on to the next message.

As you're processing your Inbox, try not to feel rushed. Voxmail remembers where you are and is happy to sit there and wait until you give it another command with Siri. So don't feel like you have to "keep the conversation going". It won't lose your place.

And at any point you can ask Voxmail to check your accounts for new email again and start over at the top of your Inbox.