Super Duper Deluxe Bonus Features


Ever want to save an email for later or make a todo out of a message? Well, Voxmail has a top-secret phrase you can speak to Siri to do just that.

Hey, Siri. Using Voxmail, remind me about that email at 9am tomorrow.

Say that, and Voxmail will create a new todo in the iOS about your current email and set an alarm for 9am the next day.

Feel free to assign a date/time in any format that Siri would normally understand: " week", or " an hour", or "...Wednesday at 4:30pm".

You can also do super special awesome things like:

Hey, Siri. Using Voxmail, remind me about that email when I arrive at work.


Note: Siri is really, super picky when it comes to what you can and cannot say to 3rd party apps. If you just say "Remind me about that email", Siri will default to using the system instead of Voxmail. So, that's why you explicitly have to say "Using Voxmail. remind me...".

New Email Notifications in CarPlay and with AirPods

CarPlay is easily one of my favorite things Apple has ever built. But one thing that drives me crazy is that when your phone is connected to CarPlay, Apple silences all notifications unless they're from an approve app such as Phone, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, and driving directions.

And, look, that's for good reason. I don't want other drivers reading Twitter going down the interstate. But I do think there is a happy medium possible for other messaging apps with a voice interface.

So, in Voxmail's settings, you can add your cell phone number and when the app detects a new email, it will ping my web server with the details and send you a text message.

Why do that?

Well, the SMS will come through to CarPlay and Siri will happily announce "Voxmail says, you have a new Gmail email from Tim Cook titled 'We think you're going to love it'". It's then up to you if you want to ask Siri to read the new email to you, delete it, etc.

Or, if you're exercising with your AirPods in, Siri will automatically announce new text messages to you. Again, giving you the opportunity to triage important emails as they arrive.