Getting Started

Adding Email Accounts

You'll need to add your email accounts to Voxmail. Unlike your calendars and reminders on iOS, the system does not allow 3rd party access to the email you've already setup in

To add an email account you'll need:

  1. Email username (usually, but not always your email address)
  2. Password
  3. Incoming mail server (IMAP)
  4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP)

For now, Voxmail will only work with IMAP email. POP3, Google Apps (using the Gmail API), and Exchange is not supported. That said, Gmail allows IMAP access if you turn it on in your Gmail settings on the web. And most Exchange servers have IMAP enabled as well.

Depending on your email provider, if you have two-factor authentication turned on, you'll need to create an "app-specific password" to use just with Voxmail. (A unique password just for the app that is not the same as your "real" password.) This likely applies to Gmail, Apple (,,, and Fastmail accounts, as those providers heavily push users towards using 2FA by default. (A good thing!)

Voxmail will automatically fill-in the appropriate email servers for you if it can tell which email provider you're using. (Ex:,,, etc.) If you're using a custom domain name, however, all bets are off and you'll need to lookup your server names or ask your IT department. (There are ways for Voxmail to detect this information, but that is not implemented yet.)

Choosing Email Folders

After signing into your account, you'll need to tell Voxmail which folders to use for your Inbox, Archive, Sent mail, etc.

Adding Siri Shortcuts

In order for Voxmail to work with Siri, you need to add the app’s Siri Shortcuts. These are the phrases you'll speak to Siri that she(?) will listen for to know when to use Voxmail.

Each shortcut has a green + button. Tap the + to add the shortcut to Siri. You'll be given the opportunity to change the phrase to something you prefer if you don't like the default that I've picked.

Once the shortcuts have been added (you don't have to add all of them if you don't want to), you can ask Siri one of those specific phrases.

Please note: 3rd party apps that use Siri are fairly constrained. You need to speak to Siri the exact phrase you added the shortcut with.