Known Bugs and Limitations

Nottingham's current focus is on taking notes using Markdown contained inside a .textbundle document. This format is open-source, documented, and future-proof.

Support for editing raw plain-text and Markdown files will happen later.

Main Interface

  • Open new Windows and Tabs can be problematic and cause erratic behavior.
  • The widths of the split panes (Library, Notes, Editor, Info panel) are not correctly saved between app launches.
  • The last selected folder and/or note is not remembered between app launches.


  • Cannot yet reorder library folders.
  • Cannot drag and drop notes between folders.
  • Folders do not remember their expansion state between app launches.

Note List

  • The information, style, and layout of each note's tableview cell is still in flux.
  • The note cell's contents may not stretch to the full width of the split view until manually resized.

Note Editor

  • Not all features of Markdown are currently being parsed yet. Notably: lists, inlide code, code blocks, block quotes, and Markdown links. (However, web URLs and in-app wiki links do work.)
  • Syntax highlight can occasionally go wonky. Selecting a different note and then reselecting the previous note will force a refresh.
  • Only one color theme (in light and dark mode) is currently supported.
  • Attachments do not display in-line in the note yet.


  • Tasks are currently denoted and parsed using my own, strange note taking style. My goal is so switching to using a subset of Taskpaper and/or todo.txt syntax in the future.
  • The Tasks view is primarily a proof of concept at this point. While functional, the UI is likely going to drastically change once I begin focusing on those features.
  • Marking tasks complete / incomplete in the Tasks view may not immediately update the underlying note file on disk yet.