Keyboard Navigation

Nottingham is meant to be primarily used with a keyboard. I've gone to great lengths to make (almost) every aspect of the app accessible quickly - without needing to reach for a mouse or trackpad.

You can navigate between the folders in your Library, your note list, and around the note editor with just a few keystrokes. You can also jump to folders, search for notes, and insert links to other notes easily, too.

Here's a demo video with my keystrokes highlighted. A summary of keyboard shortcuts will follow.

What might not be obvious in the video is that in addition to using "normal" keyboard shortcuts like ⌘J or ⌘K to move up and down, you can also use your keyboard's standard arrow keys to navigate around the UI. For example, → and ← can be used to move between the Library and Note list. And when at the top of the note list, ↑ will move to the search field.

And here's how to insert an in-app link to another note.


  • ^⌘N Create new note without needing to give a title right away
  • ^⌘V Create a new note using the text contents of the clipboard
  • ⌘N Clear the search field and focus it
  • ⌘T Create new tab (not working)
  • ⇧⌘T Create new window
  • ⌘O Open a new folder and add it to the Library
  • ^⌘W Remove the selected folder from the Library (leaves files on disk)
  • ⌘E Focus the note editor
  • ⇧⌘E Focus the note editor and move the text cursor to the end of the note
  • ⇧⌘⌫ Delete the selected note from disk
  • ^⌘R Reveal the selected note in Finder
  • ⌥⌘S Preview the selected note in


  • ^⌘C Copy the full path and filename of the selected note to the clipboard
  • ⇧⌘L Insert an in-app wiki link to another note
  • ⇧⌘R Enter / Exit rearrange text mode

Shortcuts for editing tasks will be available soon.


  • ⌘1 Show your notes
  • ⌘2 Show your tasks
  • ⌥⌘1 Show / Hide the Library
  • ⌥⌘2 Show / Hide the Info Panel
  • ⌘L Focus the search field, but do not clear its contents
  • ⇧⌘O Quickly open another folder
  • ^⌘J Select the next folder in the library
  • ^⌘K Select the previous folder in the library
  • ⌘J Select the next note in the current folder
  • ⌘K Select the previous note in the current folder