Advanced Features

Attaching Files to Notes

By default (and for now), all notes are in the .textbundle format, which means you can include arbitrary file attachments with each note.

I have a branch that supports displaying attached files inline in your note, but that's not ready for testing yet.

For now, you can drag and drop files from other apps and the Finder into the Attachments list in the Info panel and then preview them or export them when you need them again.

Capturing Images from iOS

You can attach a photo directly from your iOS device's camera by clicking the Camera button at the top of the Attachments panel.

Related: You can also extract text from images you import.

Scanning Text from iOS

In addition to capturing photos from iOS, Nottingham can import any text content it finds in those images.

After capturing the image from the phone and recognizing the embedded text, you'll have the option to preview the new text and accept or reject it or make edits.

Rearranging Text Content

Nottingham has a special "Rearrange Text" mode that lets you quickly reorder your note's contents just by dragging - almost like a half-assed, simple outlining tool.

Streaming Markdown Preview to

Brett Terpstra makes a wonderful Markdown previewing app called Marked. (In addition to the excellent nvUltra app.)

You can "stream" a preview of your current note to Marked using Nottingham. This lets you see a full-fidelity render of your Markdown content.