Supplying Feedback

The future direction of MoneyMate is very much open-ended. In no way am I a financially trained person, and I likely handle my money and do my budgeting in slightly bizarre ways unique to how my brain works. So, if there's a part of MoneyMate that seems totally backwards or an obviously missing feature, please let me know.

In particular, I'd love feedback around...

Any difficulties connecting to your bank? Type of charts and/or reporting you'd like to see built into the app. How well does the automatic categorization work for you? Is it useful? Would you prefer to just turn it off and assign categories manually? Or not even at all? Does the app classify your bank accounts correctly? i.e, checking vs savings vs credit cards? Experiencing any crashes or other wonky behavior? Missing features you'd expect a personal finance app to have. Do you care about your data being encrypted at rest on your Mac? Do you expect there to be a companion iOS app as well? If so, does it need to have feature parity with the macOS version? Or can it just be a subset of features designed for mobile use?