Missing Features / Known Bugs

  • The app automatically categorizes your transactions. It’s not currently possible to turn that feature off. However, you can create new categories and assign a transaction(s) to them via drag/drop.
  • Charts are not yet implemented. I would love suggestions on what sort of built-in visualizations you’d like to see. You can however get a quick summation of transactions via the totals in the lower right corner of the window. If zero or one transactions are selected, the totals reflect all visible data in the currently selected view (category + date range + search query). If more than one transactions are selected, it summarizes those.
  • You can add/remove tags on a transaction. But they currently don’t serve any other useful purpose for now.
  • The Inspector pane can occasionally go wonky. Quit and relaunch fixes it.
  • Saved Reports don’t currently work.
  • In the future, (optional) syncing will be done via your iCloud account.