Thanks again for offering to help kick the tires on the financial app I’m building. I really do appreciate it.

It’s called MoneyMate. (Well, it was. Sometime during the last year since I started work on the app, an Android app called MoneyMate was released. So I guess I need a new name now.)

A few caveats...

Many, many missing features. Many, many things still in flux while I figure out where exactly I want to take it. But, I’m using it nearly every day myself. I basically never log into my bank’s website any longer except to do online bill payments. So, I hope you’ll find it helpful as well - even in this not-even-beta state.

One of the key features of the app is privacy. No data ever touches my servers or even leaves your Mac. For the time being, it only establishes a connection with, which is the financial API I use to connect to all the different possible banks. If you don’t know them, tons of other financial products and websites use them to provide a common API for accessing bank data. I’ve read their privacy policy and I trust them. One major reason I trust them is because I pay them for their service based on how many customers I have. They’re not just harvesting data and selling advertising against it.

I realize having a 3rd party involved (however trustworthy they may or may not be) can make people nervous. Future versions of MoneyMate will allow directly importing transactions in CSV and/or Quicken formats, but that’s a lower priority for me at the moment while so many other parts of the app are being worked on. Until then, feel free to make your own decision about whether or not you trust letting them be a middle man between my app and your bank. I totally understand if you’d prefer to wait and test in the future when Plaid isn’t a requirement.

After you connect to your bank for the first time, Plaid will initially grab your most recent bank transactions and make those available as quickly as possible. And then, over the next 30 - 60 minutes typically, Plaid will backfill your entire transaction history as far back as your bank provides data. So, if the app doesn’t list all the data you were expecting right away, give it time. After the initial sync is complete, Plaid will stay up to date with your current transactions depending on the speed of your bank. For Bank of America, I see my debit card purchases show up sometimes within an hour, but always within 12 - 18 hours at the most. (Not counting weekends, of course, when all banks seem to lose their ability to process data.)